Egg and Spoon .. Race? No Thanks!

I realise it is slightly premature but I have already eaten an Easter egg .. Somehow the chocolate is so much better in an Easter egg. I don’t know if it’s because it’s thinner or generally has a pattern that makes it fun to eat around but they just knock every normal, year-round chocolate bar out of the water.

There also comes the excitement of a special Easter product coming out every year – I must admit, many are disappointing but this year Mr Cadbury stepped it up and hit the nail right on the head.

Thank you Mr Cadbury!

Thank you Mr Cadbury!

Egg ‘n’ Spoon; such a simple idea, so genius, so delicious and so fun to tuck in to. They come with a cute purple plastic spoon, in two different flavours and in a purple egg box that, let’s face it, is exciting on its own!

There’s something about Easter eggs that just brings out the inner child in us and by involving a childhood memory for most, the good old egg ‘n’ spoon race, Cadbury’s new delight is rather intriguing.

Simply, they are chocolate eggs with a mousse like filling – suitable for veggies – score!

There’s either dark chocolate or vanilla flavour filling and they come in packs of four.

They are seemingly expensive at £2.50 a pack but for 4 and for Easter, who cares!

Trust me, they’re yummy and well worth the try! Spoil someone for Easter – they’re unique and genuinely enjoyable to eat as well as taste!



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